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Frequently Asked Questions

My husband/wife/partner helps me with fostering, can they do this course?
What do I have to do to get my certificate?

Once you have completed all the training modules and submitted your reflections (your responses and thoughts) your work will be marked and you will receive an email and your certificate in the post.

What should I do if my social worker gives me advice that is different to the course?

Explain why you are taking the course of action you chose, and if they are not happy with this you will need to follow their advice.

What else can I study on enable once I have finished this course?

We plan several exciting new courses and we’ll advertise them online and in social media. If you’d like to be emailed send us your details.

I need to take a break and have not finished my course. Can I return later?

You have 10 weeks to complete your course If you have a problem please get in touch with us so that we can help.

Must the training modules be done in any special order?

Yes, they are designed to build upon each other so please tackle them in the right order.

I’ve enrolled, how do I get started?

Go to the Training section and you will see that you are enrolled. Simply start the Introductory module. Good luck, enjoy your course!

How do I use the Resource Library?

You can search by subject and keyword, or by type of resource – for example if you only have a short time to read – choose an enable Minute or choose a Briefing for a more thoughtful in-depth resource, External resources take you off our site to other contributors.

Can you guarantee your advice will work?

There can be no guarantee that any online safety advice will definitely work, but we have based our advice and this course on evidence and research in the hope that we are making children safer. We have experts in the field and real -life examples to make our resources the best they can be. However, this advice does not take the placed of professional medical or legal advice. Please consult your Designated Safeguarding Lead, your social worker and mental health professionals as needed.

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