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The enable team

The enable Pathway Programme is designed to help give foster carers, young people and children an improved understanding of how to navigate a vast digital landscape.

Our aspirations and principles






Our team

Aiman El Asam

Project Lead

Aiman Is an Associate Professor in Forensic Psychology at Kingston University London. He has written several articles on online behaviour, e-safety and mental health. His specific interests include: the role of e-safety measures in safer use of the internet or digital technology among vulnerable young people; the negative psychological impacts of digital technology, such as problematic internet use and exposure to high-risk online encounters, content, or behaviour; and finally, the safeguarding practices and perceptions of online risks held by professionals such as psychologists, social workers. Aiman’s research seeks to promote safer digital use, online resilience, and positive mental health.

Adrienne Katz

Project Manager and Content Editor

Adrienne is Director of Youthworks. With a long history of exploring young people’s views, she has focused on the digital lives of young people since 2008, resulting in books, reports and training. Adrienne developed the annual Cybersurvey, to collect young people’s experiences of digital life. She is a member of the UKCIS Working Group on Vulnerable Children and PARTICIPATE, a multi-country research programme and will join the ProjectEVOLVE expert panel in 2022.  Adrienne is a CPD accredited trainer and was honoured to be awarded ‘Inspirational Individual of the Year 2018’, by the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation.

Jointly Aiman and Adrienne have contributed a book chapter for The Youth Partnership of The Council of Europe and the EU. Our research partnership uses data from The Cybersurvey and, alongside peer reviewed articles, we have produced policy and practice reports: ‘Vulnerable Children in a Digital World’, ‘Refuge and Risk: Life Online for Vulnerable Young People’ and ‘Look at Me: Teens, Sexting and Risk’ alongside ‘Locked Down and Online’.

Jimmy Hughes

Digital Consultant

Jimmy is a digital professional with 20 years experience within web, I.T. and marketing. He’s worked at director level for several years both in digital agencies and eCommerce organisations. Specialising in UI/UX design and development, Jimmy works with some leading brands through the UK & Europe helping them to establish a strong digital presence. “enable is a project that I firmly believe in, and I feel it has a vast amount of value for Foster Carers in dealing with the demands of modern guardianship”.

John Khan

Priority 1-54’s purpose, vision and mission are underpinned by co-production principles that seek to promote the rights and well-being of every child, everywhere. We offer creative youth and community engagement projects that seek to inform, inspire and empower children and young people, making sure that their voice is at the heart of everything that we do.

Lara Colley-Chahal

Lara is a Forensic Psychology graduate with experience working as a research assistant and supporting vulnerable children to provide emotional literacy support. She is passionate about promoting mental health awareness amongst young people and those working with them. Children and adolescents’ online behaviours are a particular area of interest, and takes a keen interest in how psychological theories can inform understanding of the benefits and risks of being online.


Dawn Campbell

Foster Carer

Dawn Campbell is an experienced foster carer who has contributed valuable insights, ideas and a resource to enable. “Training has to have input from the carers and the children involved, and their voices need to be heard.”

Peter Hamilton

I’ve had the pleasure of working with enable on the design and development of these resources as well as other graphic design related projects for Youthworks over the years. As well as being a designer, my wife and I are also foster carers, so we fully appreciate the importance and usefulness of this amazing resource. I’m sure they will be well received.

Traci Good

Traci is an independent Online Safety Consultant and helpline practitioner on the Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service. She has extensive experience of safeguarding children and young people both online and off. She is a content writer for the award-winning Project Evolve, a 360 Online Safety Mark assessor and sits on the UKCIS Vulnerable users working group.

Alan McKenzie

“We don’t educate by fear, but by empowering adults and children to use technology appropriately, and to identify and mitigate risks which may lead to harm.” As online safety lead at Lincolnshire County Council, Alan raised initiatives across all schools, police, the voluntary sector and others.  He is an associate member of the UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCIS) and a founding member of AACOSS.

Jess McBeath

Jess is a specialist in online safety with a focus on empowering digital citizens: we should all be able to live a good life online.  She has supported thousands of professionals, parents and young people to get the most out of their digital lives, safely.  Jess has a particular interest in cyber security, misinformation and online reputational issues.  You can find out more about Jess at

Our partners in this consortium

enable was greatly helped by a technology team within Lloyds Banking Group. Thankyou to all members of the team who volunteered their time, skills and advice so generously and believed in our work with vulnerable children.