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Fostering in a Digital Age

This course was developed by consulting 70 foster carers and 40 young people in foster care, with online safety specialists and psychologists.

It includes an introduction to the enable approach, and 8 modules covering all aspects of online life for young people. The modules show how foster carers can support and enhance a child’s digital experience and keep them safer. Save your choice of tools, resources and videos in your personal account, or browse in the online library accompanying this course.

Online, self-paced. Certificate = 11 CPD hours. Individual feedback given.

Access to a library of resources and regular updates.

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2 x 2.5hr sessions with case studies (5hrs CPD certificate)

Principles for residential workers in children’s care

Supporting young people’s online safety and experiences. Digital behaviour code. Our Digital Agreement, Digital Safer Care Plan.

Principles of social work in children’s care

Supporting young people’s online safety and experiences.

1 x 2hr session (2hrs CPD certificate)

Drawing up a digital safer care plan

Communication and approach. What to include. How to fit it into your existing Safer Care Plan.

Digital gaps in practice

How digital aspects of a case are often overlooked. From referral to action. How to use the Digital Passport.

Parenting on the digital frontier

Does parenting style have a role to play in keeping children safe online?

Refuge and Risk

Explore how the digital environment can offer both a safe refuge and a risk to vulnerable young people.


Navigating the Digital Landscape Together

Dive into “Fostering in a Digital Age,” a comprehensive course meticulously crafted with insights from foster carers, young individuals, online safety specialists, and psychologists. Equip yourself with the essential tools, knowledge, and skills to support children in the online world, ensuring their safety and enhancing their digital experience. Each module is designed to be self-paced, offering personalized feedback and a certificate upon completion. Join us in this journey to transform the digital space into a secure, supportive, and enriching environment for our young ones.

What our trainees have to say ...

“It’s fabulously well documented, researched and supported with additional materials. All of that is really well done. I mean there is no denying the course has been created by people who really know their stuff.”
“I think that the people who have produced it really do seem to care and are really involved with what they are wanting to share”
“It gives you confidence, it gives you the confidence to be able to tackle these things and these subjects.”
“I came away with one abiding impression from the course: that this issue is not an issue of technology, it’s not an issue of finding the right parental controls to put on your child’s phone. It’s a much broader issue and it’s to do with communication and setting the appropriate relationship between carer and child.”
“The philosophy underlying the course is much more child-centric than possibly the traditional approach.”
“It’s not simply about learning about the different apps and so on that they might be looking at or that you might install for safety purposes. It is much more about how we incorporate the online world into t he fostering world.”
“This is better than previous courses because it is holistic and it actually states things that aren’t obvious to most, which is that it isn’t about just digital skills. It’s about so many of the factors but I think the unique thing about your website is that you actually do have all of the resource packs and other parts that are added on to it rather than just being enrolled on a course.”
“What I liked about it is it gave so many practical resources of things you can actually do. There are many kinds of worksheets, resources and prompts. It gives a lot of information and additional things so that you can actually implement it.”