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April 2023 Newsletter

Check out our April 2023 Newsletter for updates on the course and some recent cases that have been in the news recently!

Talking to teens about social media. 

Do you want to create a mock social media account to discuss with a child what they can do if they receive different types of messages? Or to teach them to recognise scams, or fake news? offers the chance to create fake posts for teaching purposes.

‘Wizz’ app tempts children.

The idea of an app that helps you make friends around the world sounds exciting! But schools report that this app could lead to exploitation of children.

Misogyny, cars, and social media.

Andrew Tate and his cars, women and influence are in the news daily. Are you struggling to understand it all? Read more here.

Revenge porn case – man jailed, creating a precedent.

In 2020, Georgia Harrison, a former Love Island contestant, discovered that her ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear, a TV personality, had recorded video footage of intimate moments between them without her consent. He uploaded these to his OnlyFans account and made £2,000 from it. Earlier this month, he was jailed for 21 months for voyeurism and revenge porn. This is a relatable case you might bring up when talking to teens about sharing images or videos without consent.

What can help reduce potential risks?

Research shows the influence of wellbeing and supportive parenting. A paper from our team highlights the difference that engaged supportive parenting can make. It also showed how important emotional wellbeing can be. Focusing on these aspects might minimise experiences of online harm. How I handled this… Could you contribute to our feature on the home page? If so, send us an email at These real-life stories of how you have dealt with real life situations can help other foster carers.   You can download this newsletter here: Enable Pathway Newsletter

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